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Teambuilding is based on the conviction that your employees do not work alongside each other as individuals, but as team players.

We offer a wide range of teambuilding activities, which we adapt to suit our clients’ individual needs. We provide outdoor and indoor programmes in which we stress continual framing, feedback, self-reflection and the sharing of experiences among those taking part. We set up activities after consultation with the client so as to be able to satisfy specific needs.

Teambuilding activities are successfully combined with evening programmes, workshops or supplementary company training. We are experienced in organising group activities on rafts, karts and horses, at wellness hotels, as part of sporting activities, on bikes and under extreme conditions.

The aims of our teambuilding
  • providing a positive experience
  • team (departmental) bonding
  • promoting team cooperation between individual teams
  • improving communication
  • strengthening trust among team members

Film-making teambuilding
Our experience with production work and filming allows us to specialise in film-making teambuilding. Those taking part are provided with all the equipment they need and expert supervision. They then become actively involved in shooting a real short film.

Mgr. Tomáš Valíček
+420 775 559 591

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