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Online Academy

The Online Academy is an effective tool that enables targeted employee development, but one that also respects the individual tempo of the student.

It is a set of virtual courses that you can select for an employee yourself, meaning that you also set the budget yourself! You can now choose from 40 courses on different topics. Or we can create a course that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

Each course takes the form of a video with a professional teacher and a PowerPoint presentation. This audio-visual combination helps the viewer retain the information in his/her memory. The Online Academy is fully administered by our system at Motivp.com. This administration work is done by our IT staff, who are also on hand to provide clients with technical support.

The benefits of the Online Academy
  • The employer saves money
  • Information is gathered in one place in a way that is clear
  • Students can keep going back to the courses
  • It motivates the student in terms of onward development
  • It does not bog the company down with administration
  • It provides an overview of students’ results
  • It allows students to study wherever they like
  • Relevant recordings of talks at conferences are recommended free of charge

Combining with face-to-face company training
The Online Academy tool is also an excellent way of supplementing face-to-face training within a company. E-learning allows students to take the basic theory on board, the teacher then developing this practically at face-to-face training sessions. This combination is highly effective and is a form of company training that saves money and time.

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