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Filming conferences

Do you organise conferences and would like to take footage of them? Then come to us. We use professional technology and modern editing approaches.

We will film your event with professional technology and the services of an experienced cameraman. We will then cut the footage, edit it and use it to create a quality video that you will be able to present yourself. As a bonus, we offer free publicity on our website: motivp.com.

We work with the very latest audio and video equipment
  • HD television direction
  • 2 Sony NX5 cameras
  • 1 Sony NX70 camera
  • 6 studio lights
  • 4 x 1000 W lights for filming indoors
  • reading equipment
  • studio, reporting and film microphones
  • the Motiv8 filming studio
  • a dubbing studio
What else can we offer you?
  • filming and conducting interviews
  • PR service before and after your event
  • the creation of video invitations
  • the creation of promotional videos
  • publicity on social networks
  • video presentations on a big screen
Martin Jelínek
+420 777 668 475

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