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Creating e-learning

Would you like to use entertaining e-learning with your own content? Then let us create a tailor-made virtual course.

We will put together the course layout for you, find a presenter or actors and record audio-visual material with them. We will then make a final cut and supplement it with a PowerPoint presentation. We can store the course at motivp.com, where your employees can access it online.

The benefits of e-learning courses
  • The employer saves time and money
  • They can be taken online from the comfort of home
  • The provide information in an entertaining way
  • They provide the option of stopping a course and playing it again
  • They summarise information about a particular topic in a clearly arranged way
  • They arouse interest and not boredom
  • They can be created to deal with anything you like
Examples of the sorts of topics we deal with
  • soft skills
  • occupational safety
  • fire prevention
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • taxes
  • economics
Martin Jelínek
+420 777 668 475

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