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Individual coaching, group coaching and coaching school MotivP coaching is intended for all those that want to work on some sort of change.

Individual coaching

Coaching is a unique way of developing an individual. The partnership approach of the coach will help you find solutions and aid your individual development. The coach doesn’t work for you, instead helping you get where you want to be.

Our coaches are also qualified in psychology and psychotherapy, are familiar with the corporate and organisational environment and know how to deal with classic company dilemmas in an ethical way; for example, when people are thinking about leaving the company.

Group coaching

This type of coaching uses the principles of individual coaching, but works with the benefits of a group. The input of others increases the effectiveness of looking for an individual solution. The “coachees” deal with their own issues, but everyone is engaged in the same topic.

Coaching school

Coaching at MotivP is based on working on an individual’s relationship to him/herself and to a future client. At our academy for coaches, we draw primarily on cognitive behavioural psychology, logotherapy and existential analysis.

The coaching school is open to everyone; there is no need for any specific prior education in psychology. All the theory required is presented as part of the coaching. Purposeful coaching is intended for people with managerial experience or similar experience in working with people.

“It is not about the questions you learn, but about the space you are able to create for the person being coached to be able to ask the right questions himself.”

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