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Assessment centre

An effective tool in selecting employees when there are a number of candidates to choose from. Uses the methods of psychodiagnostics and reveals how a candidate behaves with respect to the position being occupied.

Our know-how of assessment centres is quite unique on the market. Our expert, František Hroník, is a pioneer of assessment and development centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We implement and set up assessment centres at companies, and we supervise and train corporate personnel officers.

We also organise regular public courses for future assessors.

Sale of Model Situations
František Hroník published his book “Don’t get burned again” (Jak se nespálit podruhé) back in 1998 – a book that brought this unique method closer to the Czech professional public. For a fee, the licensed model situations presented in this book and elsewhere can be yours, to be used by personnel officers at company assessment centres.

Filip z MotivuP
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