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Assessment centre

An effective tool in selecting employees when there are a number of candidates to choose from. Uses the methods of psychodiagnostics and reveals how a candidate behaves with respect to the position being occupied.

Virtual assessment centre

We offer this comprehensive and flexible tool to clients as a virtual part of assessment centres. Its administration in an online system reduces the costs of the employee-hiring process.

Behavioural interviews

A modern and effective way of holding a job interview that focuses on a candidate’s observable skills and experience.


Outplacement is not simply a question of making people redundant. Help your employees move towards new career opportunities.

Development centre

A reliable tool used in mapping out the potential of key employees with the use of psychodiagnostic methods.

Virtual Development Centres

The virtual version of the development centre is a comprehensive and flexible tool that is used to map out employee potential. Administration within an online system, meanwhile, makes sure that the employer can reduce its costs.

E-360° feedback

A virtual tool that is used to evaluate employees through the eyes of colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and one that provides valuable information about an employee’s work potential.


Psychodiagnostic tests are carried out at companies for two main reasons – for employee development and employee selection.


An e-sociogram provides valuable information to company management about the informal relationships within a group of workers.

Analysis of the motivational climate

An analysis of the motivational climate reveals the extent to which your employees are committed and where they themselves see the biggest problems within the company.

Analysis of company culture

Company culture is a combination of the values, visions and practices that are unique at every company. It provides an outside and inside picture of the company and plays a large part in determining its results.

Online Academy

The Online Academy is an effective tool that enables targeted employee development, but one that also respects the individual tempo of the student.

Virtual courses

Would you like to learn from the comfort of your own home in a way that is entertaining? Then take a look at our wide range of virtual courses.

Company training

Company training improves your capabilities and allows you to adapt to the circumstances of your surroundings. Training your employees also increases the effectiveness and competitiveness of your business.


Individual coaching, group coaching and coaching school MotivP coaching is intended for all those that want to work on some sort of change.


Teambuilding is based on the conviction that your employees do not work alongside each other as individuals, but as team players.


An Internet bookstore with specialised literature that focuses mainly on management, human resources and the psychology of work.

HR consultancy

We will advise you on how to effectively introduce HR projects at your company. We focus on saving time and money, on effectiveness and on successful results.

Company television

A modern medium for the modern age. Fast, cheap and effective communication throughout the company.

Company magazine

A standard, traditional format that builds trust and communicates your values throughout the company.

Creating e-learning

Would you like to use entertaining e-learning with your own content? Then let us create a tailor-made virtual course.

Filming conferences

Do you organise conferences and would like to take footage of them? Then come to us. We use professional technology and modern editing approaches.

In-house conferences

In-house conferences are used to educate and to build identity among your employees. Work with us and make your conference a great event.

Finding speakers

Our many years of experience in production mean that we are able to get you speakers that are normally hard to get.

ESF projects

We have carried out a number of ESF projects ourselves and have also taken part in projects for other companies.

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